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​First things first: When should I start making my Wedding invitations?

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To answer this question, you need to work out when you need to have sent your invitations out by. And the best way to answer this is to work backwards from your Wedding date.

The generally accepted rule of social etiquette says that you should send Wedding invitations out exactly 3 months before your Wedding date. But we don’t agree. People often start booking their holidays about a year in advance, and bank holidays and school holidays are particularly problematic, with things being booked into the diary many months before hand. Or worst case of all you could find that by the time you send your invites out, friends and family have already been invited to a wedding on the same date!

So here is our simple guide to when you should aim to send your invitations out:

Wedding date during school Summer Holiday or Christmas Holiday9 months in advance
Wedding date in other school holiday period6 months in advance
Wedding date at other times of year3-6 months in advance

If you are sending Save the Dates, these should be sent out a minimum of 9-12 months in advance. Save the Dates are not essential but they certainly do take the pressure off - you can assume that your guests have already put your Wedding date in their diary, so the above timescales for invitations don’t really apply. However you should still send your invites out at least 3 months before your Wedding; otherwise you will find yourself being pestered by guests for details of the day!

Of course, you will also need to allow time to make your invitations. Generally this task takes around 3-4 weeks for an average size wedding, so this should be added on to the timescales above.

It may seem like you’re starting on your stationery ridiculously soon, but starting it early really does reduce stress further down the line when other wedding-related tasks start to take over!


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