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All things retro...a '50s Diner' wedding theme!

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We were asked recently by a Wedding Magazine to create some stationery with our DIY products for a 1950s wedding theme. Initially, it struck as a slightly unusual wedding theme - probably because white, ivory, pearls and crystals are still so overwhelmingly popular as the go-to wedding style that we're guilty of not realising the vast range of other themes and styles are out there. But the more we looked into it for inspiration for our stationery, the more we realised that a 1950s diner theme is just made for weddings! Scroll down to see why...

1. The Stationery

It's pretty simple to set the tone for a cool, quirky wedding celebration with your stationery with simple bold colours and shapes. Here are our very own creations, which were inspired by checkerboard 50s dance floors, candy floss and the sleek lines of 1950s diner design :-). If you're interested in recreating them, here's how:

The invitation was made using our new Plain Card range (available on our website very soon) and consists of a Plain Card Square and A4 card sheets. For the front of the invitation, you simply cut the shapes out of coloured A4 Plain Card, and print the text onto white A4 Plain Card before cutting that shape out too. Then stick the shapes in place with Pritt Stick or Tape.


For the super cute place cards, the checkerboard effect is achieved with a little bit of time on the computer but it's all quite straightforward - in Microsoft Word, just create lots of a little square boxes and fill them alternately with white and black. Then print a whole sheet of them onto our Plain A4 Card and cut up into smaller rectangle shapes. You can also use our A4 Card to create the blank place cards. The names can then be printed onto A4 card too and cut out and stuck on. Then the finishing touches are our felt bows, shown here in the gorgeous candy colours of bubblegum pink and pale blue!


2. The Venue

You'll be surprised by how many American Diners there are in the UK, and you're sure to find some in your local area that you didn't even know existed before. The great thing about these as wedding venues is that they already have all the themed décor you'll need, and there are fantastic interior and exterior photo opportunities wherever you look! (Photo: JBs Diner, Brighton)


3. The Music

Who needs a DJ when you have a way of choosing exactly which sons you want, and letting your guests search for and select their favourites too! Plus jukeboxes look very cool and are sure to be a memorable talking point. There are many companies offering jukebox hire in the UK - this one's from jitterbox.co.uk.


4. The Car

Who wouldn't want to cruise along in a candy coloured Cadillac or Chevrolet on their wedding day!? Retro beauties such as this are guaranteed to attract attention on the streets! (Photo: Fins & Chrome Car Hire)


5. The Fashion

1950s dresses are perfect as a retro wedding dress (and there's loads of choice in shorter dresses these days) and a flattering bridesmaids dress for all body shapes!


6. The Food

1950s diners serve all the best food! Burgers and hotdogs will feed your guests at a very affordable price, and for sweet treats, you can hire a candy floss bar or retro ice cream van. What's not to love?


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